What is 'cocoha'?

cocoha is a smart coupon that you can collect a point from a shop with your smartphone instead of a paper coupon.
cocoha can save your money to print paper coupons every month.

Is it difficult to use 'cocoha'?

No, it isn't. You can use 'cocoha' in very simple way. Just sign up in our web-page. Download and install 'cocoha manager'.
You can use it witout other device or contract.

Do I need to install the device separately?

No, you don't need to install any device, PC or tablet.
This is a free service for you.

How do I use it?

Firstly, sign up in the cocoha hompage (www.cocoha.kr), and install 'cocoha manager' in POS.

How do I give a stamp to client?

Register a client's mobile number into cocoha manger in your POS,
Once the number is registered, you can find the client information with the last four digits of the mobile number.

How can I check the coupon stauts?

You can check clients' collection with their number.
Your customers can check collection in 'cocoha' application.

What functions does 'cocoha' have?

You can collect coupons and present them to your friends or others through KaKaoTalk.
Your café could be advertised by your clients due to this Gift function.

How do I use collected coupons?

You can use use the coupon at any time that you want in cocoha application.

If I change a POS, clients' information registerd are deleted?

No, we manage the information in our server. Even if you change a POS, you can keep your clients' information.